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Linda Moreno

Associate Tenant
Year of call:

Ms. Moreno is a nationally prominent criminal defence attorney in the United States, whose practice specialises in national security and complex, high profile cases. Internationally, she has served as an expert on the issue of anti Muslim bias in the American jury trial. Linda has been retained by foreign embassies, including the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, to represent their nationals in American prosecutions.


She has lectured on civil liberties and terrorism trials at universities and legal institutions across America and England. Linda was invited by the Norwegian Bar Association and Nobel Peace Committee to Oslo to address lawyers and parliament about human rights in America in the wake of 9/11. Ms. Moreno currently represents a Guantanamo detainee from Mauritania whose release was ordered by a federal judge.


Some examples of recent cases: A case involving an American citizen detained by Dubai authorities for a crime alleged to have occurred in the U.K; A case involving a Pakistani woman seized in Afghanistan charged with the attempted murder of American Soldiers; A case where her client was alleged to be the head of a secret Taliban cell in California charged with attempted murder. A case involving a Palestinian professor charged with terrorism and acquitted after a 6-month jury trial. Linda possesses a Security Clearance.

Regional expertise


Venue: Doughty Street Chambers, 54 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LS
Venue: Doughty Street Chambers, 53-54 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LS