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Still under threat: the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law in Hungary

The International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute today in Budapest released a fact-finding report about threats to judicial independence and the rule of law in Hungary. 

IBAHRI Co-Chair and barrister at Doughty Street International, Baroness Helena Kennedy QC commented, ‘We welcome the steps taken by the Hungarian government to address the gravest concerns expressed in the IBAHRI’s 2012 report. However, despite marked improvement in the legal framework regulating justice administration, implemented legislative reforms have failed to reinforce judicial independence and rule of law protections.’ 
Baroness Kennedy added, ‘The IBAHRI calls for further legislative measures to be implemented in order to safeguard judicial independence as, regrettably, subsequent constitutional amendment has further restricted the authority of Hungary’s Constitutional Court. The IBAHRI reiterates its call for the jurisdiction of the Constitutional Court to be restored in full and recommends that the Hungarian government review the functioning and powers of the National Judicial Council to ensure that it can fulfil its role as Hungary’s independent body of judicial self-government.’
Nick Stanage was IBAHRI mission rapporteur.


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