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Press Release on release of Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy in Egypt

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has today pardoned Mohamed Fahmy, the Canadian journalist convicted of ‘broadcasting false news’. Fahmy had been sentenced to three years' imprisonment following a trial widely recognised as being a travesty of justice.

The measure was part of a broader presidential pardon covering 100 people currently detained in Egypt, including Mr Fahmy’s colleague and co-accused Baher Mohamed. Both journalists are expected to be released from prison shortly.

International counsel for Mr Fahmy, Amal Clooney, stated that:

"I am absolutely delighted that Mohamed Fahmy and his colleague Baher Mohamed have been pardoned today. It has been a long ordeal, and we are grateful to President Sisi for exercising his power to pardon the two journalists. This is a historic day in Egypt where the government has finally corrected a longstanding injustice, and set two innocent men free".




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