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DSI Russia and CIS

(Для русских, смотрите ниже)


Members of Doughty Street Chambers are actively engaged in a variety of cases involving Russia. With two members who speak fluent Russian, we are able to offer an exceptional legal service for clients from that country and the broader, Russia-language region; and also to clients based in the UK and internationally with Russian links. Our work includes challenges to INTERPOL red notices, de-offshorisation issues, extradition, human rights claims (including challenges to violations of freedom of expression and the right to protest by the Russian authorities), and, within the UK, Russian-related  immigration cases (claims for asylum or human rights protection) and inquests concerning suspicious deaths of Russian nationals. We are able to offer unrivalled cross-over expertise in these areas.


INTERPOL Red Notices

Members of the international team advise on challenging the issuing of INTERPOL Red Notices, including where there is a strong suspicion the request is politically motivated, or has otherwise arisen through corrupt or unfair practices. Liaising with our Russia-based counterparts, we are able to present a cogent case to the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s files to seek deletion of the notice entirely. The advice often refers to the full panoply of international human rights law and criticism of Russian prison conditions, which have been found systemically to be in breach of Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Since Red Notices severely restrict the freedom of movement of those named, our advisory work also draws our expertise in questions of immigration law and the options available, such as claiming asylum, or applying for investor visas to regularize the client’s immigration status, while pointing out the unfairness of the Red Notice request.

DSI members have also advised on the media strategy for high profile clients, where the court of public opinion is an important aspect of the overall case approach.

In cases of alleged financial irregularity, we bring our expertise to bear on confiscation and asset seizure and advise on how to challenge these measures which can entail punitive and devastating consequences.

We are involved in challenging cases involving corporate raiders, the unlawful appropriation of assets by state-backed business rivals, including at the European Court. We also advise on petitioning the UN Human Rights Committee where the issue involves non-ECHR states acting unlawfully at the behest of the Russian government.



Asset seizure has come into sharp focus following the introduction in Russia of the new law of de-offshorisation of assets. Designed to stem the flow of capital flight from the country (over $150bn in 2014 alone), the law is also aimed at compelling transparency and tax liability for assets held in off-shore structures. Russian nationals, who are domiciled in the country – a definition construed deliberately broadly – who have a controlling interest in a foreign company, must disclose and pay tax on such assets or face civil and criminal penalties.

Doughty Street Interational is uniquely placed to offer advice on the legal consequences which may arise, which include extradition and asset seizure.



We have actively been involved in extradition requests from Russia and the former-Soviet Union, including Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Baltic States. Previous clients include senior executives of the oil giant Yukos and the Russian state shipping company Novoship. This highly complex, technical work involves addressing the composition of the requests themselves, but also consideration of prison conditions, torture and ill-treatment, double-jeopardy, abuse of process and the application of international human rights standards.



We have also represented many clients from Russia and the other former Soviet republics in their UK immigration proceedings. Our clients have pursued successful applications for international protection in the UK, whether claiming refugee status, human rights protection or both. As a consequence, many of our clients have secured enduring immigration status in the UK. Our immigration specialists have also advised numerous clients from the former Soviet republics on investor and other economic migration categories, the benefits of having Cypriot or other EU citizenship and on applications for British citizenship.

Doughty Street International members bring to bear their exceptional combination of country knowledge, language skills and legal expertise to offer an unparalleled service in these complex and diverse areas of law.


Human rights challenges against Russia before the ECtHR and the UN

Doughty Street members regularly act for journalists, media organisations, NGOs, human rights defenders and protestors in human rights challenges against Russia, both in the European Court of Human Rights and before UN bodies.


Inquests in the UK concerning Russian nationals

Within the United Kingdom, we regularly act in Russian-related work. For example, members have acted for the media and for other interested parties in inquests and inquiries concerning the suspicious deaths of Russian nationals within the UK (Alexander Litvinenko and Alexander Perepilichny).




Россия и СНГ

“Doughty Street International” или просто “DSI” – ведущая контора адвокатов, состоящая из адвокатов высшей категории, специализирующихся по вопросам международных прав, гражданских свобод и прав человека. Наши адвокаты известны своей смелой защитой прав отдельного человека против государства. Мы осуществляем надежную и крепкую защиту в политически мотивированных и других преследованиях. Мы заслуженно гордимся тем, что у нас работают одни из лучших адвокатов по вопросам экстрадиции. Двое из наших адвокатов свободно говорят по-русски; при этом у остальных адвокатов значительный опыт в делах, связанных с русскими экстрадиционными запросами.


Международная деятельность

В дополнение к нашей работе с русскими клиентами в судах Великобритании мы также консультируем и представляем интересы своих клиентов в международных трибуналах и обладаем непревзойденным опытом работы по вопросам международного права, экстрадиции и запросов ИНТЕРПОЛА (красное уведомление - это международный запрос на задержание какого-либо лица, находящегося в международном розыске). Наши адвокаты могут проконсультировать по вопросам потенциальных уголовных преследований или неправомочных и политически мотивированных красных уведомлениях. Опыт отзыва подобных уголовных запросов у нас больше чем в других конторах.

Имеющимся представительство в Гааге, мы также занимаемся делами в Международном Уголовным Судом и в других международных трибуналах, в том числе при ООН.


Экстрадиция, иммиграция, уголовное право, СМИ, конфискация активов, экономические преступления

Многие клиенты обращаются к нам, потому что мы консультируем по различным вопросам права. У нас работают ведущие иммиграционные адвокаты и адвокаты, обладающие компетентностью по вопросам права в средствах массовой информации. Мы консультируем по всем вопросам уголовного права, мошенничества, отмывания денег, взяточничества, коррупции, по вопросам законодательства на рынке финансовых услуг. Мы оспариваем внутренние и международные запросы на замораживание и арест собственности и других активов; работаем по вопросам международных уголовных трибуналов, по вопросам законодательства (например, в области профессиональных союзов) и спортивных споров.


Частные клиенты и компании

Мы предоставляем консультации частным лицам, бизнес-клиентам и коpпоративным клиентам. Для быстрого, надежного и высокопрофеcсионального совета наша адвокатская контора “Doughty Street International” окажет вам одну из лучших юридических услуг.


Обращайтесь к нам напрямую

Международные клиенты могут обратиться к нашим адвокатам напрямую, что естественно будет дешевле, или обратиться к нам через любою юридическую фирму. Если нужна более детальная информация о наших услугах, пожалуйста, обратитесь к нашему директору по развитию бизнеса- Mr Maurice MacSweeney.




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