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DSI North America

Doughty Street International provides a transnational network of legal resources to properly defend the interests of our clients in North America and throughout the world.

Members of the team in North America have defended the interests of individual and corporate clients facing charges in the United States. This includes fraud cases, drugs and money laundering prosecutions, international kidnapping cases, murder cases, national security cases and other complex criminal cases. We have successfully tried and resolved high profile cases involving terrorism charges and obtained the dismissal of murder charges in international prosecutions.

In several of these cases Doughty Street International members in the US and the UK worked together to represent the interests of clients facing extradition to the US or who have faced parallel charges in Europe and the US.

Our lawyers in the US have worked together with our barristers in the UK to:

  • defend a woman extradited from the UK to the US on charges of International Parental Kidnapping and they were successful in arranging a suitable plea and her return to the UK;
  • provide advice to a client extradited from the UK regarding anti-Muslim bias in a US jury trial;
  • assist foreign clients seeking to be removed from the designated terrorist lists in the US;
  • represent clients before the European Court of Human Rights.

We have extensive experience training lawyers and law students in the leading American academic institutions (Yale, Columbia, Harvard, University of Chicago, NYU, and Fordham University).

Nancy Hollander and Linda Moreno have security clearances and have developed a special expertise in the challenges to the use of classified or secret evidence both in North America and elsewhere. Both of them have developed special proficiency to challenge the use of classified evidence, litigating in both North America and the United Kingdom.

Nancy Hollander, Linda Moreno and Elise Groulx Diggs are permanently located in the United States. Amal Clooney is admitted to the Bar in New York and is a Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School in New York.




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