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UN and EU sanctions

Sanctions law is a complex and fast-moving area, where it is essential for affected companies and individuals to receive timely professional advice. It is also a multi-layered area with UN, EU and US sanctions, in particular, often targeting the same individuals and companies in an all-encompassing web. Penalties for non-compliance with sanctions can be severe.

DSI team members specialising in this area of law are able to advise companies and individuals in relation to licensing, sanctions compliance programs and remedies available to challenge the imposition of sanctions.

John Jones QC has acted in several high-profile cases involving UN, US and EU sanctions regimes, in domestic courts and before the European Court of Justice. He has expertise in both UN terrorism sanctions regimes and country-specific regimes (having acted recently in relation to Libyan, Iraq, Sierra Leone and Liberian UN sanctions regimes). He has succeeded in several cases in having clients removed from sanctions regimes. He also has extensive experience in applying for licences from the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), applying to the UN Focal Point for the de-listing of individuals and applying for licences for basic living expenses from HM Treasury.

DSI lawyers from the US can assist with US Treasury and State Department sanctions against clients. 


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