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Interpol red notices

Doughty Street International offers unrivalled expertise in advising on INTERPOL requests, the so-called Red Notices or diffusions. Its members are able to advise those concerned about potential prosecutions and can act to seek the withdrawal of abusive red notices. It boasts two leading experts who speak fluent Russian, while other members of the team have significant experience in dealing with INTERPOL related requests. Doughty Street International was noted by Fair Trials International as one of only four organisations of lawyers offering advice relating to INTERPOL.

Red notices are issued by INTERPOL as a means of securing the arrest and return of wanted persons to an INTERPOL member state. They have far reaching and potentially indefinite consequences for the individual concerned. They can be issued even if an extradition request has been defeated in a different member state on the basis that the criminal proceedings are politically motivated, and even if the wanted person has been recognised as a refugee on the same basis.

Members of our team have acted in a number of cases to remove abusive red notices issued by INTERPOL, recently succeeding in the case of a Libyan national whose red notice was removed by INTERPOL as being politically motivated. We have advised a large number of clients in Argentina, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, in particular, who were the subject of politically motivated red notices. Besides seeking to delete abusive red notices and diffusions members of DSI engage with the authorities to secure the best possible outcome for their clients.

We can give advice in relation to several issues:

  • How to find out that you are subject to a red notice
  • What are the consequences of being subject to a red notice
  • How to challenge a red notice







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