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Counter-terrorism law

Doughty Street International is proud to have a number of members with genuine expertise in counter-terrorism law and practise. We have acted in many of the leading cases concerned with counter-terrorism in the international context. Members of the team also regularly advise governments, corporations and individuals on their exposure to issues arising from counter-terrorism and provide training to members of the judiciary, lawyers, law enforcement officers and human rights workers across the globe.

Kirsty Brimelow QC has extensive experience of Counter-Terrorism issues.

She is regularly involved in cases where people are detained for “terrorism” but where the evidence points simply to freedom of expression. She is currently working on the trial of Alwefaq’s Secretary General, Shaikh Ali Salman.

Kirsty has also carried out extensive training in African countries related to legal issues arising out from Counter-Terrorism. As examples, she trained Nigeria’s National Human Rights Commission on terrorism law and international law and, in partnership with UNICEF, Kirsty trained Child Protection Networks in Nigeria on child rights including terrorism law and international law.

Tim Moloney QC has appeared in almost all of the UK’s major terrorist trials in the last 15 years. He was counsel for the Appellant in the UK Supreme Court case of Gul, which considered the international meaning of terrorism in the context of a Non-International Armed Conflict. He is the author of the Terrorism section of Blackstone’s Criminal Practice, published by Oxford University Press.

Tim has frequently provided training for judges and lawyers in Terrorism law and practice under the auspices of the UNODC in Africa and Asia.

He regularly advises international NGOs and media organisations on their exposure to terrorist risks in their operations.

Nancy Hollander has represented, and continues to represent, a number of clients detained in Guatanamo Bay. Her current clients include a Yemeni-Saudi man who is facing the death penalty in a military commission trial. Another is a Mauritanian man imprisoned in Guantanamo. Nancy is working with people in various countries in an attempt to find a country willing to take him upon his release.

Linda Moreno has enormous experience as an attorney in terrorist trials in the United States of America. She has conducted a large number of such trials and was counsel in the recent trial of persons accused of the 1998 bombings of the US embassies in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi. She has also represented a number of persons detained in Guantanamo Bay.




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