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Our barristers are individual members of specialist legal practitioners’ associations and Chambers is a corporate member of some, including the Human Rights Lawyers Association.  We have very strong links with many civil liberties organisations, including Amnesty International, Liberty and Justice.

We are proud to be the long-term sponsor of Index on Censorship’s Freedom of Expression Award for Advocacy and to support other aspects of Index’s work.  Please read more about Index here. 

Doughty Street Chambers have forged an alliance with leading international law and human rights firm, Prakken d’Oliveira Human Rights Lawyers. This association brings together expert practitioners at the cutting edge of international law, international criminal law, serious crime, extradition, and immigration and asylum law.  Prakken d’Oliveira and Doughty Street have a common human rights ethos and share the characteristics of renowned expertise, intellectual excellence, a collegial style of working and deep professional commitment.  They also each have well established connections with leading academics in these fields of law at the top universities across the world.  Through knowledge-sharing and networking, and public initiatives such as joint campaigns, articles and conferences,  the barristers at Doughty Street and the lawyers at Prakken d’Oliveira will combine their strengths to highlight key issues and developments in the law.  They will also explore opportunities for collaborative working in order to continue to push the boundaries in the most complex cases in the arena of international human rights.

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Doughty Street Chambers sponsored the 'Legal Journalism Award' at the inaugural Halsbury Legal Awards, that took place on 8th May 2013. Congratulations to the 'The Justice Gap', an online magazine promoting access to justice, covering legal affairs and developments from around the world.

Doughty Street Chambers supports and works closely with The Slynn Foundation, an important organisation focussed on the rule of law and the indpendence of the judiciary. The foundation promotes and encourages improvement in judicial and legal systems in Eastern Europe and in other parts of the world. It does this by arranging for leading legal representatives to deliver conferences, seminars and judicial exchanges, based on the principles of human rights as they affect the work of national courts, and Alternative Dispute Resolution, particularly mediation.

It also offers post-graduate fellowships in English law to enable young lawyers from European countries to gain an insight into the working of the English legal system and organises a series of annual lectures by leading experts on various aspects of European law.

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Venue: Doughty Street Chambers, 54 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LS
Venue: Doughty Street Chambers, 53-54 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LS